Monday, June 29, 2015

Firing Up Your Tailgate Grill

Tailgating is one of those American traditions that comes to life at every sports game. You and your friends will have enjoyed chowing down at somebody’s tailgate and will have had ideas of hosting one yourself. A portable gas grill is the centerpiece for such an occasion, but a lot of preparation is needed. 

If you are planning to grill popular tailgate foods such as burgers, hotdogs, and skewers, as well as preparing a salad, the night before the game should be spent on placing their ingredients in containers. All meat products should be well-marinated and ready for grilling.

It pays to have all your tailgating tools in one spot for easy access, such as your basting brush and sauces. You can put all cooking tools and condiments in a special toolbox. Other items like paper plates and plastic dinnerware may be organized in small plastic boxes or tubs for easy access. Don’t forget to stock your coolers with cold drinks and a lot of ice. 

As long as you prepare your portable grill, ingredients, drinks, and other essentials ahead of time, everything else will fall into place, and you and your guests can enjoy the tailgate party over refreshing drinks and delicious food. In many important occasions such as a sports game, nothing brings people together better than tasty, grilled treats.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Why You Should Consider Infrared Gas Grills

When it comes to outdoor cooking, infrared grills are proving to be the latest craze. What’s their appeal, though? Is it just because they’re new? Well, as it turns out, they offer many advantages in grilling meat.
Traditional grills cook food primarily through convection. Remembering high school physics, convection happens when heated liquid or gas rises and transfers heat to the surroundings. The charcoal or gas flame heats the air continuously around the grill, and the heat then causes the food to cook. This manner of cooking, however, takes a lot of time and easily dries the food up.

On the other hand, an infrared gas grill uses radiation. The grill works by heating a surface, which then radiates infrared waves directly to the food. In this process, the heat is more evenly distributed onto the food, and cooking takes place faster. The grilled food also comes out juicier because the infrared rays heat the food directly and not the surrounding air.

Infrared grills are not just good for searing meat, they can also cook your veggies to perfection, as the good ones come with adjustable heat to suit different kinds of food. If you’re used to traditional grills like many people, you have to remember to adjust to infrared models’ fast cooking time. Keep a timer handy just in case.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Three Reasons to Have a Portable Gas Grill

Keeping food cooked regardless of the occasion is vital to providing a healthy and enjoyable atmosphere. With a portable gas grill, you're able to properly prepare foods while utilizing minimal space. While these units are typically included in camping equipment, there are many reasons why anyone would want one.