Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Fire Up the Grill: Why Pick an Infrared Gas Grill

Infrared gas grills are the latest in grilling technology. With a much higher spec than the old charcoal grill, an infrared gas grill is for the serious griller who is out for more than just the occasional summer barbecue spread. These grills are multifunctional machines suitable for steaks, burgers, vegetables and more. They take less time than the traditional grill, and some of them even clean up after themselves. Here are two reasons to consider making your next grill an infrared gas grill:

Better Meat - Faster

Infrared gas grills work differently than traditional gas grills because they use radiant energy to cook your food. One of the benefits of this is that they heat up much faster than traditional grills, which means you can have a steak in the winter without getting frostbite. Secondly, infrared heat is transferred directly from the grill plates to your food, which means that less heat is lost in the transfer, allowing for a faster cooking time. Most infrared grills take less than five minutes to get fired up and ready to grill, and because they're off and running in no time, they also use less gas than traditional grills.

Easy Cleanup

Infrared gas grills have an easy cleanup experience that sets them apart from the traditional grills. Without the coal and ashes, cleaning takes far less time than a charcoal grill. Gas grills are generally easier to clean, but many infrared grills have a heat setting specifically designed for self-cleaning. Plus, the juices that spill on to the infrared panels are instantly evaporated because of the 900-degree heat.

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