Monday, December 7, 2015

An Infrared Grill Delivers Exceptional Results

Cooking on an infrared grill can bring the convenience of gas with the exceptional flavor of a charcoal grill. A gas grill allows fast grilling with just the push of a button, but this type of grill can’t produce the focused heat necessary to quickly sear meat. Much of the cooking done on a gas grill is from rising heat. This means, it’s easy to lose much of the flavor that most people associate with grilled foods.

An infrared grill utilizes a ceramic burner that can focus heat directly where the cooking is taking place. With this concentrated heat, foods sear quickly to lock in flavor. Infrared cooking not only delivers a hotter, more focused heating surface, but it also ensures great heat distribution, so foods cook evenly.

The ceramic burner that is at the core of infrared heating also places a barrier between the gas flame and the food being grilled. With the drips from meat not falling directly on the flame, there’s never a worry about flare ups.

Many people enjoy the benefits of grilling on an infrared gas grill. Seared meat is more flavorful and has the charred flavor that has made grilling so popular. In fact, meat that is properly seared is not only more flavorful, but it is also tender and juicy. Of course, with better heat control, there’s also the benefit of reduced fuel consumption, so more food can be grilled with a single tank of fuel.

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