Monday, September 21, 2015

The Best Grilling Experience that Money Can Buy

There is nothing better than a steak that has just come off of a grill, and infrared grills give chefs the high uniform heat that is needed to make the perfect meat dish. Whether you have a hankering for a nice juicy T-bone or you want to make the ultimate burger at your next tailgate, infrared grills are a must-have for serious chefs. Infrared grills rely on science in order to get the perfect sear each and every time you step behind your grill.

Hot spots and flare-ups are a thing of the past when you decide to switch from a traditional grill to an infrared grill. The grill top creates a barrier between the heat source and the meat that keeps everything at a constant temperature. This type of grill also helps keep meats juicier than traditional grills. Infrared grills also use up to 30% less gas than a traditional grill since they are much more efficient.

Another reason that grilling fanatics love infrared is the fact that it takes less time to get a grill ready. Shorter prep time and shorter cooking time let you spend more time visiting with friends and family or watching the big game that is on the TV. Chefs who are looking to introduce new flavors to their next barbecue should try an infrared grill. While an infrared grill typically costs more than a standard grill of similar size, the enhanced cooking experience is worth the extra cost.

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