Monday, October 19, 2015

From Infrared Grill to Accessories: Outdoor Grilling Made Convenient

For years, we at Rasmussen Ironworks / Solaire Gas Grills have been making quality products that help people enjoy gourmet restaurant-level grilled food right in their homes. This has been our goal since our founder Rasmus Rasmussen established the company: We want to make outdoor grilling a convenient and comfortable experience through our diverse range of products. As Hugh Hewitt said on his radio show, we have everything grilling enthusiasts need to complete an outdoor kitchen– from a specially engineered, portable infrared grill to various accessories. We offer grills in many sizes and for many uses. Our Solaire Anywhere and Everywhere models are portable grills which can be readily packed for the road. Although relatively small in size, these grills pack 14,000 BTUs of infrared power and provide great grilling performance.

A Look at Infrared Gas Grilling

Most people are familiar with grills and grilling. There has been an ongoing debate as to which mode of grilling is better, and now there is a newer option to consider in this debate.

Infrared gas grills are relatively new to the market, though the technology has been around since the 1940s. These grills are normally configured to cook as even as charcoal with the efficiency of a propane grill. The advantage reported to be of notable mention is the fact that it heats faster and is hotter than other types of grills.

The effect of being that much hotter is the fact that it creates a highly efficient sear on meats, sealing in the natural flavors and juices.

These infrared gas grills can be equipped with many desirable options such as a rotisserie option or extra burners. Griddles are a great option for doing breakfast outside, just because you can!

The best feature these grills boast is cutting cooking time nearly in half. Consider the thought that it can be faster to grill out than cooking dinner in the house, making it easier to get out and grill something!

All in all, these grills are the newest technology to be introduced to grilling in a few decades, and is arguably the best thing to happen to cooking since the 1950s. Saving time on cooking makes more time for friends and family. Everyone deserves efficiency in life through each choice or purchase we make. How do you want to spend your time?