Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Why More Grillers Are Loving Infrared Gas Grills

Grilling trends come and go. However, one trend that seems to be gaining steam is infrared gas grilling. It's an approach to grilling that allows you to ditch the charcoal and enjoy benefits like more even heating, effortless searing, and the ability to "fire up" the grill even when the winds kick up.

No More Splashing and Start-up Frustrations

Infrared gas grilling eliminates the splashing that sometimes makes you think twice about putting things, like bacon, on the grill. There's also no need to worry about wind flare-ups or wait around for coals to heat up. Any excess juices also vaporize instantly after hitting the burner. Chalk one up for convenience.

Searing Is Now a Grilling Reality

One of the best arguments for making the transition to IR grilling is the ability to sear meats. Infrared grilling allows you to hit the ultra-high temperatures necessary to really cook the flavors into grilled fish, steak, and other tasty meats. Higher temps also mean faster cooking times, which also helps to lock in flavor.

Even the one seemingly valid complaint about the inability to smoke foods with an infrared grill, often cited by charcoal lovers as a reason not to upgrade, doesn't hold water. Many of the newer IR grills on the market effectively pump vapors back into meats, offering the same results you'd get with traditional smoking. There's also the added benefit of increased energy efficiency and limited emissions.

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