Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Let Nothing Get between You and Succulent BBQ—Try Our Infrared Grill!

Work has been quite a drag these days. You’re too exhausted to cook, but you’re also growing sick of take-out. You look out the window and see the happy family next door enjoying their backyard BBQ, making you crave for that juicy, succulent steak you used to have during your weekend family gatherings. You turn to the fridge, and it has never felt as cold and barren even though it’s fully stocked. Cheer up! Solaire Gas Grills’ infrared grill is here to help you cook your favorite barbecue, pronto. Our infrared grill cooks twice as fast compared to traditional burners. With high heat, you’ll have your favorite barbecue in as fast as 3 minutes! How is this possible? Our grill uses propane, a natural gas, to heat up its ceramic plate.

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